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Robot Rental

Hire a Robot Employee

Common uses


Can the robot perform quality checks?2020-03-16T14:05:46-04:00

Most definitely! The robots can be programmed to be as sophisticated and intelligent as needed to perform the task. We can deploy vision systems with the robots so that they can “see” what they are inspecting which is great for doing things like measuring features on the part, ensuring that features are present or in the correct orientation. We have even used some of the built in sensors to ensure that parts are oriented correctly before we work on them so that no incorrect parts ever make it to the customer. If a human can inspect it today, there’s a good chance that we can teach the robot how to do that as well, maybe even better than their human counterpart. Another great advantage is we can inspect 100% of the parts that are being produced, increasing your customers confidence in the quality that is being produced.

What do you need to get started?2020-03-16T13:39:06-04:00

There is an incredible amount of planning and design work to properly deploy robotic automation. Don’t worry, that’s where we come in.  Innorobix experts will design and provide custom end of arm tooling, part presentation systems, and integration to your existing equipment.  To get started, we will need sample parts, 3D models or 2D drawings, and information about your existing equipment.

How many hours do the robots need to work?2020-03-16T13:34:55-04:00

Our robots love to work! They want to work as many hours a day as you need them. However, they are generally looking for 2 shift work with at least 80 hours a week. One of the great benefits is there is no overtime, EVER! Work them as many hours a week as you want and you will always pay the same hourly rate regardless of how long the days get. Also, unlike traditional workers which tend to slow down the longer they work , the robots never slow down, no matter how long they work. They also don’t need breaks to go to the bathroom.

How big are the robots?2020-03-16T13:32:06-04:00

We generally work with Universal Robots UR5 and UR10 models with payloads of 5kg (11 lbs) and 10kg (22 lbs) respectively. Not only do the payloads get larger but so does the reach of 1300 mm (51”).

What if I want to try before I buy?2020-03-16T11:11:54-04:00

The value of our office goes far beyond de-risking the capital purchase.  We deliver tremendous value after the equipment is installed.  When your operators and team leads need help and support, they reach out to our engineers day or night — that’s right at all hours of the night.

How much does it cost to rent a robot?2020-03-16T11:08:39-04:00

It depends. Just like hiring a human employee, the cost of our robotic workers depends on the equipment needed, the task the robot will need to perform, and the hours worked. The hourly wage starts at $19/hour and we have a minimum of 80 hours a week.


Traditional Employee

$19per hour
  • Recruiting Cost
  • Health care, Insurance
  • Pension and Taxes
  • Inconsistent Productivity
  • Vacation and Sick time
  • Training Cost
  • 1.5x or 2x over-time cost

Innorobix Robots

$19per hour
  • Zero Capital Investment
  • Aligned Incentives, Only pay during production
  • Fixed cost per production hour
  • Short Deployment Cycles
  • FREE Preventative Maintenance
  • FREE Programming
  • FREE Installation
  • FREE Custom End Effector
  • Continous operation without supervision
  • Eliminate Operator Error
  • Capable of working along side humans
  • No safety fence required

Traditional Automation

$$$Capital Investment
  • Significant Capital Investment
  • Inflexible production
  • Uncertain ROI
  • Long implementation cycle times
  • Maintenance Overhead