Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is a client server publish-subscribe based messaging protocol. This protocol works on the top of TCP/IP, consumes less battery and requires very low bandwidth. So, this protocol is ideal for the constrained environments where network bandwidth is limited such as communication in Machine to Machine and IIoT. It can be used in sensors, industrial automation devices such as PLC’s, etc. MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) protocol complements the necessities of IIoT.

MQTT system consists of a client which either could be the publisher or the subscriber of information, communicating with a server called as “broker”. A publishing client sends a control message to the broker when it has a new data item to distribute. The broker then sends that topic to those clients who have subscribed to that topic. A system may contain several broker servers that exchange data based on their current subscribers’ topics.

Let’s understand MQTT’s importance with an example. Let’s say a SCADA system is connected to a PLC which is reading the change of state of a valve at a remote location every second by using a remote sensor which is using the battery for power. So, that sensor at the remote location constantly need enough power supply and data usage, for which System Integrator have to spend lots of money on the PLC modules, cables and internet connection hardware.

In this scenario MQTT can do a remarkable job of sending the data to PLC by using a low power consuming simple device which can use a satellite or low bandwidth connection to send the data to the PLC, which will further update the status on the SCADA system on the change of state of the valve. Inductive Automation’s Ignition 7.9 is integrated with MQTT to ease integration with edge-of-network and native MQTT devices. MQTT could be used to connect 300 PLC’s over a mobile phone hot spot.

Innorobix Automation is an expert at using MQTT’s with Ignition software platform for creating custom software applications. Innorobix also develop Ignition modules using the Ignition SDK.

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